Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Welcome to 2015

Life is changing quickly around our house and I believe that means I need to get back to documenting it for us!

Let me catch you up on the fun-filled events of 2015 thus far...

January: Logan showed some extreme behavior issues that got so bad we were asked to leave preschool... abruptly. It took almost 2 weeks to get him back into a place and we ultimately ended up in a M-F Mother's Day Out in a neighborhood church. We are pretty open about the fact we have Logan in Play Group Therapy and he has been 3-times confirmed with ADHD. We are in the middle of figuring out our treatment options with him and he stars Pre-K in June..

February: Oh Hi - unexpected pregnancy! Even with a Paragaurd IUD - I confirmed I was pregnant on February 3rd.. (at this point I am 14 weeks and it could be a girl..)
Let's also replace our entire A/C system in the house since it was old as dirt...

March: The pool house (which makes us sound more glamorous than we are) is having flooring issues with the hardwoods. Come to find out there is moisture on the slab and the wood buckled. It even has mildew on the bottom of the boards. Now we have to rip it all out, put down a moisture barrier, and replace with porcelain tile. I guess I'll just be happy I can pull some strings on getting the tile cheap...

April: Well we are only 8 days in so let's just cross our fingers we have a less stressful month. Lee and I are headed to Naples, FL on the 15th to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. We originally planned Napa but... pregnant... so it's beach and a private cabana instead!

Otherwise I can be happy we are all healthy and happy. Work is hectic but I am sure it feels worse based on the stresses we are feeling at home. I am trying to say my prayers and be thankful for the good things in life.

If I don't do that, I would just lose my mind!


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall Bucket List

I'm not a "bucket list" person normally. There are so many other lists in my life that adding one seems a little daunting.

To Do List - Home
To Do List - Work
To Do List - Fall.

I suppose if I look at it like a way to ensure fall memories with Logan I will feel a little better about making another "List." The fact that fall is very short here in Houston may also cause a little hesitation.

First up: Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Say what you will about this drink and the craze around it, but my first sip each year always makes me excited for the three days of fall weather we get to enjoy here in Houston.

Next Up: Boots and Leggings/Jeans.
I usually have to wait for this day until late October but I certainly enjoy pulling my boots out from the back of the closet, dusting them off, and pulling them on over some comfy leggings. I'm pretty addicted to leggings from

Decorating Pumpkins:
I found this little article with ideas on how to decorate without carving and I really want to make the Mummy pumpkins! 

Making a Halloween Costume:
I am NOT crafty. This year I wanted to merge making a costume with buying one. I bought Logan a knit hat of Toothless the Dragon from How to Train Your Dragon and then I will make him a cape with a tail on it. This way, he can wear the hat when it is cold and it's a bit of a double duty "costume."

Finally, the one thing that lets me know that Fall is here is opening all the windows in the house - and maybe still needing a little sweater...

Here is hoping I can open those windows before October ends...


Wednesday, September 10, 2014


After traveling to New York and then coming right back into a busy work week, we really needed some down time.

This started with Logan sleeping until almost 7:30am Saturday.

I almost bought him a car for that.

He then laid in our bed and watched cartoons until after 8am.

I almost bought him a boat for that.

I made breakfast and we laid around watching various forms of electronics and then topped all that off by swimming before lunch.

Then Logan took nearly a 2 hour nap.

I called the Porche dealership after that one.

After a trip to the store, Logan and I made cookies and again laid around doing nothing.

He went straight to sleep at 8:15pm and I called the boat dealership for him.

Sunday we went to church and Logan was upped to the Tiger room!

He was a little confused because Sunday school is the same hall as regular school but he is in a different room.

We have a wonderful sermon series going on about Modern Families. This sermon really spoke to me:
Share Your Lives

Then, once again, it was a whole lotta nothing while it rained and we watch football. My fantasy team won this week, which was cool.

We needed this restful weekend and it really set us right for this busy week where Lee is traveling and I am single momming it.

I hope you had a nice weekend and what do you know - another one is only a few days away!


Thursday, September 4, 2014


You know how they say you can tell how big a puppy will get by the size of it's paws?

Well what do you suppose this means for Logan?

His foot is 2/3 the size of mine and he is almost 4 years old.



Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

This Labor Day, we didn't spend our time laying around the pool.

We spent our time traveling to Stephentown, NY for a wedding of a friend of Lee's from Middle School, Tommy Curi.

The Farm where Tommy and Teresa live

It was a beautiful drive from Albany and I was in awe of the countryside. The weather that day was pretty fab as well.

We stayed at Jiminy Peak ski resort.

I'll just say... not so much a resort. I really thought half the time I walked down the hall that the twins from The Shining would be standing there.

The next day, after 13 hours of sleep, we didn't have to be back at the farm for the wedding until 4 so we drove into New Lebanon and had a charming breakfast at Blueberry Hill Cafe. The best part of this was when I went to fix my large iced coffee on the way out the door and tumped the whole blasted thing over. So I go running over to this sweet 16 year old chick saying "Ma'm? MA'M?!" and she turned to me like "WTF?" After that I followed up with lots of "y'all". They looked at me like I was from another planet.

Then it was off to the wedding.

Taking Photos. The groomsmen all wore seersucker suits!

Hooray for finding this dress last minute and ON SALE!

Ben and Katie, he was obvs a groomsmen.

Katie and I with Tommy, the Groom.

Hello, Bee.

Signature drink - something with bourbon and honey and lavendar and I had 5...Bartender owns/runs This Bar.

The dinner tent.

Several courses - all chef made as Tommy himself is a chef.

Tommy and Teresa! That dress... I die.
The travel was overwhelming but worth it in the end. We had a great time and hope to go back with Logan and let him play with the chickens on the farm and cook with Tommy.

Only if he sends me that drink recipe...


Thursday, August 28, 2014

This summer..

We had a bit of a lazy summer. Lazy in the sense that we didn't travel or do anything glamourous.

On the other hand we were busy. Busy in the sense that weekends were packed with keeping Logan occupied and entertaining friends.

Logan took swim lessons this summer:


Our House
Still can't swim. Though he recently got brave enough to jump in off the side (in floaties).
Maybe next summer?

I have been working my tail bone off doing stuff like this:

We cook a lot. Eat a lot. Swim A lot.

And Love.

A Lot.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

And the winner is....

Yesterday was a rare day for me.

I won.

I won at life for just one day.

I got my son off to his first day of preschool and there were no tears on his part and he had a FANTASTIC DAY complete with sand in his shoes from the playground.
Bonus: He ate all of his lunch. *fist pump*

Did I just lose all my bonus points for the fist pump?

I successfully kept my sick ass at work all day and managed to get work done and answer coworker questions without falling asleep at my desk. Complete with an 8:30am meeting.

Then, after I picked up my sweaty sand covered child, I drove home to a complete kitchen that I laboriously picked the finishes for.

And it's Awesome.

This is while cooking dinner last night. I couldn't wait!

I love the all white kitchen and I wanted to achieve that look with a little depth and a few unique touches. My favorite part? The sink. I need to borrow a baby to bathe in it! Don't worry, I'll give it back clean and happy.

I cooked 2 chickens with veggies and drank wine and was happy as a pig in.... dirt.

This morning I enjoyed making Logan's lunch in a clean and happy kitchen.

Let's raise our glass to having that one day where we feel like we really can do it all.